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Shaft Crew MCA Shift #1

Photo: Gernot Thiel

The Shaft Crew at McArtur River are a vital part of the Mining Operation. Their day starts with transporting personnel in and out of the mine for shift change. Their job consists of so many things from Slinging Scoops, Jumbo, mobile equipment, gin cars with material inside to slick line pipe. They are responsible for maintaining the shaft guides, replacing them when necessary. Maintaining the slickline & cement boots which is used to supply concrete to the underground operation that is a vital part of our Mining process. They complete a shaft inspection of all compartments weekly on Friday’s to ensure guides and shaft in good operation. Transporting explosives to headframe then to underground operations as well as inventory of the explosive magazines. They assist the Shaft Maintenance Crew with maintenance such as Skip, Main Cage (FH&B), Timberland change outs, rope changes and any other general maintenance as required, as well as the Electrical service in the Shaft. They operate the loading pocket when the skipping circuit is in operation, which brings waste rock to surface to the Bin House. Services operators then move the waste rock to it’s appropriate area. Everything in the underground mining requires material these are the people involved in moving this material, from fuel for equipment, pipe, ventilation tubing, motors, tires, parts, drinking water for refuge stations ecentially everything you can imagine that is required is taken down into the mine. With mining we also produce an abundance of garbage this is removed from the underground and brought to surface for proper disposal. This group of people are working around this open area all day for the 7 day shift (day & night shifts), being alert is very important with a 680 meter (2230 feet) open hole. If the Shaft Crew doesn’t move it, Underground doesn’t receive it, therefore Production & Operations slow down. It is my opinion that without a responsible well disiplined Shaft Crew performing the tasks noted above and many others not noted this operation would come to a complete hault.
Susan Daigneault

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