Local 8914 Key Lake / McArthur

The Negotiations Journal - November 2013

It’s been four years since the last bargaining of our collective agreement contract and we are now preparing for a new contract. This is always a time of uncertainty and anxiety as we all prepare to hunker down for the duration it takes to finalize a new contract between our union members at Key Lake/McArthur River and Cameco Corporation.  We all need to continue our path of unity and strength in numbers as we journey into this next phase of our continuing employment here at the Key Lake and McArthur River mine sites.

Although our union is no stranger to negotiating and renewing our contract, it’s important to understand that it does come with its share of challenges. These challenges are shoulder by our newly formulated negotiating committee who will go to the table and press hard to push forward the priority requests of the Key Lake/McArthur River union members. These hard working members that will be heading our negotiating committee are Phil Morin (President), Ron Berezowski (Vice President), Sarah Peterson (MCA Shift 2), Dale Zuck (Key Shift 2), Tom Lariviere (MCA Shift 1),Denis O’Hara (Key Shift 1).

I will give a monthly report of the progresses that take place throughout the duration of the negotiating process. As it stands to date our committee has been meeting internally to begin putting together our game plan. We the United Steelworkers (Local 8914) of Key Lake and McArthur River need to give them our unbridled support in their efforts to pass a new collective agreement that will benefit us now and in the future.


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