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Site Services at McArthur River became part of Local 8914 in early 1999, at that time our main function was Airport and site maintenance, meaning roadways and garbage and sewage, busing people to work and airports, snow removal and hauling potable water, at that time we would burn all of our domestic garbage in a high temp burner, also because of our environmental sensitive situation any material that had to be moved at MCA was done by Site Services. Our contaminated Vacuum truck is on the go steady.
When the Mine started to create underground waste it was 4 site service people that hauled it to Key Lake tailings. In the late spring of 2000 we took over the Batch Plant that was operated by Tron Power. The Union guys would screen and dry sand while the Tron Power guys would pour concrete. Prior to the Union taking over concrete duties, Tron power had 5 guys on dayshift and 3 to 4 on nightshift each rotation. When the Union started their rotation the time was cut back to 3 on each shift. At the time of Tron Power a 150 yard pour would have been huge. For us it is common to pour 250 plus every 12 hrs with a lot less people.
Over the years it seems that more of our jobs are being farmed out to contractors, the reason we are told is that we don’t have the people or equipment; it is the belief of most of the service people that our lack of decent site service equipment is a real benefit to the contractors.
Rocky Chisholm Site Services MCA.


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