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Electrical Department MCA Shift #1 & #2

Electrical Shift #1 Photo : Gernot Thiel

The first group to join Local 8914 at McArthur River was the Electricians in 1996 which at that point consisted of only 2 people. As is with most of maintenance on a remote Northern Mining site the job becomes fully encompassing. The Electrical department is no exception to this rule and requires a team to be highly versatile in all aspects of the related trade. There are 14 Journey person Electricians on each Shift. Note: we fall short of our commitment to help train the new and upcoming trades people in our province as there should be a couple of apprentices on each shift learning the “Craft”. These 14 Electricians per shift are then broke up into strictly a Maintenance team and strictly a Construction team which we were told is how we can become more valuable to our “Customers”. We also have two night shift Electrician’s which rotate between all the Electrical members. The duties of the McArthur River Electrical department are to look after any and all of the power requirements for the site. This includes the lowest of low voltages to the highest of high voltages in every nook and cranny on the entire site. From the Airport, Residence, Administration Building, Power House to the Hoist House and all other surface infrastructures. We then work our way down to all of the Under Ground infrastructures. We install and maintain everything from Fire Alarm Systems, Lighting, Switch Gear, Motor Control Centers, Fans, Pumps, and Generators to supply power to the Mine in the event of Power Outages, Drift advancements underground and much, much more. It’s the trouble shooting and repairs that require some of the most versatile challenges handed out to the Electrical department because all of the equipment is different in its design and complexities from a Mclean Bolter to a 700HP motor soft start to a Shwing pump control panel. This is just a general list of this department’s duties but as one can see it requires the Electricians to be well trained and extremely flexible. Ask any Electrician what would make your job more efficient and the answer will usually always be updated drawings and schematics. Something the McArthur electrical dept. has been struggling with from day one. Thank our lucky stars for Google because it has pulled us out of a few tight spots in the past.

Electrical Shift #2

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