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Unity and Strength for Workers

The Union was incorporated at Key Lake, on December 4, 1981 with Ken Hubenig, Gerry Mydan, Peter Lafferty, Len Brossart, and Ernie Wiens being the signing members for the Local to be known as Local 8914. Over the years, the Steelworkers have improved working conditions and benefits for the employees. The Union has helped people, both union and nonunion, to improve their lives and well-being, which would likely not have been possible without an Organization such as ours that continues to improve and help others. Our Union has done things that may seem small, but which have greatly improved the educational and social environment. For example, in Saskatoon, we contribute to the summer snack program for children during the summer months and to the Humanity Fund which donates to Food Banks in our province and across Canada. We also provide educational programs in: leadership, occupation and health, shop stewardship, secretary/treasurer/ trustee training, pension, benefits, etc. We also provide scholarships for post-secondary education of family members from District 3 and Local 8914. Over the years with the Union, we, the members, have in our contract language that gives us rights; eg. Protection dealing with layoffs, pension, and health benefits during working years as well as upon leaving the work site. This has allowed the non-union part of Cameco to gain the benefits, which would not have been possible without the standards that the Union has negotiated from the company. The Steelworkers also unionized the catering company after it was bought and sold between different companies. The Union represented Key Lake first; then when McArthur River came on line as a supplier of ore to feed Key Lake mill, the company recognized the Steelworkers Union there as well. At the time that the McArthur River site became unionized, Gord Telfer was President and Janice Curry was Vice-president. This made us an amalgamated Local with a total of 720 members to date. Our Union also works closely with two other Cameco Steelworkers Unions in Canada: Port Hope and Cobourg Ontario.

By Ed Morelli and Audrey Kondraczynski

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