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Remembering Elliot Lake

Message from USW President Leo Gerard to the forum to commemorate The Elliot Lake Miners' Strike

The Right to Know.
Employees have the right to know information that
could affect their health or safety in the workplace.

The Right to Refuse
Unsafe Work.
Employees have the right to refuse any unsafe or
unhealthy work, if they believe it will endanger
them or someone else. They must be paid for the
time while the situation is reviewed.

The Right to Participate.
Employees have the right to take an active role in
safety in their workplace. This can mean becoming
a safety representative (in smaller workplaces) or
taking part on the Joint Occupational Health and
Safety Committee (in larger workplaces). It also
means they need to report unsafe conditions, and
to voice concerns about health and safety in the

Remembering Elliot Lake


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